Draw from the everlasting well

I remember the first semester of nursing school and I recall my professor talking about nursing burnout. Everything she touched on I was dealing with, but how could that be possible? I was in my first semester of nursing school. Bleeding hearts of the world unite. Oh man, researching and studying and interacting with patients and other nursing students. I loved every aspect about the nursing profession. When I went to each clinical I loved how there would be so much I would change. There was a place for me to make a difference. It was like I was let out of a cage and my heart for the first time saw all the change that was needed to make. Then all my classmates! I adored each one of their stories and hearts to care for the sick and broken. I cried with many of them, laughed and formed so many beautiful bonds! Each one of them so unique and caring in their own ways! Each clinical instructor, each patient, every interaction was so exciting. So exciting that I gave every ounce of what I had inside to nursing school and all that entailed. The process of getting accepted into nursing school was already tough on me and I thought that the hard part was over. Well, if you are a nurse or a nursing student you know the battle has only begun.

I share this story because as a nursing student or nurse this profession taps every emotion you have and every last bit of energy you have. It’s a beautiful journey and such a work of heart. You give and you give and you give until you have nothing left. It’s not an easy profession, but it’s a profession that can be so rewarding. Giving is a greater gift than receiving. How do you find fill up? How do you refresh? How do you recharge? How do you deal with the nursing burnout? Yes, even as a student you can get nursing burnout.

What can fill you up? Sleep? Rest? Support? Friends? Well, yes we need all of those things, but nothing can fill the deep hole inside like Jesus. Spend some time asking him to refill your spirit, renew your energy. Refill your cup, your heart with the only well that never will dry up. God will fill it up. Sometimes we are tricked to thinking we have no time for God, but you best believe it’s a trick. Today I was riddled with anxiety and knew I was running on empty. What do I do? Rest? Watch tv? What’s going to fill that anxious hole? Cleaning the house, getting super organized? Filling out my planner or journal? Nothing, I repeat NOTHING will fill you up like spending some time in his word. Pray and ask God to reveal himself to you. Ask God to fill you up. Pray God to direct your steps and help you in ALL things. One more hour studying, one more moment doing something from this world will only drain you. Jesus will fill you up. He never disappoints. He will never let you down. He will renew your mind. Jesus will restore. He will point you in the direction for what to do, what to study and how to conduct yourself.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5